The Future Resides In Green Energy!






In order to respond to energy and climate issues, we have to review our way of producing electricity, heat, cool air and hot water. However, the sun rays, the strength of the wind, the heat of the earth and the use of organic materials are inexhaustible and environment-friendly sources of energy. The technologies are now reliable and the investments are profitable. Welcome to the era of green energy!

Green energy, clean energy, renewable energy

The term « Green energy » is used to refer to energy production systems that have very low or no greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, for example. As such, it is also referred to “clean” energy. They can be renewable energy sources, in other words, they’re naturally replenished and rebuild faster than they are used: for example, solar radiation or wind energy, which is inexhaustible. But who says clean does not necessarily say renewable.
Because it is more efficient than traditional installations, cogeneration also produces green energy. But it can only be considered as renewable if the fuel used is itself renewable, for example, rapeseed oil or biogas.

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